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Dr Hiremath addressing the crowd|Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath - Cardiologist Pune|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Doctor and Patient Interaction for Post MI Risks
Dr Shirish MS Hiremath's Clinic had organised a unique program where doctors and patients interacted and discussed at length about potential risks to patients who have had an heart attack before. Patients got a chance to express themselves about their condition after Angioplasty and were very much interested to know about what care they should take to prevent further damage to their hearts. Dr Hiremath addressed the potential risks that these patients face. He also addressed the crowd about various lifestyle changes including diet modifications they have to make to lead a life with a healthy heart.
Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath - Cardiologist Pune|Shivaji Nagar,Pune
Dr Hiremath Lecture on Restenosis at Indo Japanese CTO club
In today’s era of expanding Intervention cardiology with improved and user friendly hard ware and good long term outcomes largely as a result of improved drug eluting stents and antiplatelet medication, CTO remains one of the important areas of challenge where operator experience and technical expertise still plays an important role in the final success of the procedure. Also this is one area that still needs more learning for all of us with largest experience existing with the Japanese operators world over. In light of the same Indo Japanese CTO club was formulated with like minded people with a view to offer opportunity for greater learning in this field for all. The group had its birth in July 2012 at the 3rd CACTO summit and the 1st live CTO summit India under the aegis of IJCTO was held in Mumbai in June 2013. This year it was held at Kochi, Kerala in June 2016. Dr Shirish MS Hiremath was invited to give a lecture. He spoke on various treatment options available for re-stenosis of existing stents placed in the coronary vessels.
Cardiac Camp at Phaltan is a Grand Success
Dr Shirish MS Hiremath, along with Dr J T Pol at Sona Nikop Heart Care Centre, Phaltan conducted a free cardiac camp on Saturday April 20th 2016. More than 1300 patients had registered for the event. All Patients were screen for potential cardiac problems, out of which Dr Hiremath personally performed 2D-Echo on more than 20 patients. Around 8 Patients were identified and underwent Coronary Angiographies. 1 patient required additional intervention and had to undergo Angioplasty. Thus, the camp was a grand success, with all patients truly benefiting from the camp with Dr Hiremath addressing each and every patient on how to keep their heart fit and healthy. Later in the evening, Dr Hiremath conducted a Continuous Medical Education session for a group of 60 General Practitioners, who were guided on Cardiac Symptoms, Risk Factors, early signs of Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attach) and early management till a Cardiologist attends to the patient. Lastly he also spoke about Dr Pol’s contribution towards health care in rural place like Phaltan and wished him best for the future.
Live Case at the National Intervention Council
National Intervention Council (NIC) is the interventional arm of Cardilogical Society of India (CSI), the oldest and the most prestigious organization of cardiologists in the country, established to provide forum for practioners of this sub-specialty, representing more than 2200 interventional cardiologists. NIC held a Mid-term Interventional Meeting in the month of April at the Hyderabad International Convention Center, Hyderabad, India. It was a 3 day meeting full of Live Cases from the best Indian & International sites, cutting edge technologies, a wide spectrum of didactic lectures, debates, point of view sessions on hot topics of interventional cardiology and more than 500 case presentations on various complications, nightmares and newer technologies. Dr Shirish MS Hiremath, who is the newly elected President Elect of CSI for 2016-2017 performed live Angioplasty (PTCA) cases from Care Hospital, Hyderabad which was broadcasted live to the Hyderabad Convention Centre. He demonstrated critical Angioplasty case where stent was placed in critical Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery, which is a critical vessel supplying blood to the left heart chamber. Dr Hiremath has been performing such critical angioplasty cases in Pune.
Helping Patients Heal Faster with New-Gen Drug-Eluting Stents - Pune Times Article
In this article in the recent Pune Times article dated 5th March 2016, Dr Shirish MS Hiremath, Pune's leading Interventional Cardiologist and President Elect, CSI, talks about New-Generation Drug Eluting Stents (The Synergy Stent), which are an effective vehicle for minimising chances of re-narrowing of artery and enable faster healing in patients. First-generation DES are associated with delayed arterial healing and long term durable polymer exposure, which is a problem addressed by the newer Synergy Stent. Dr Hiremath added, “This next generation therapy is designed to improve patient outcomes and ultimately reduce health care costs associated with the treatment of coronary artery disease. Such innovations highlight the interventional cardiology com- munity’s continuous efforts to advance treat- ments that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease.”
Dr.MS Hiremath is now President Elect of Cardiological Society of India
Dr. MS Hiremath was recently felicitated as President Elect (2015-2016) of Cardiological Society of India (CSI) which is one of the oldest and most prestigious organization of cardiologists from of India. It is to note that the CSI was established one year earlier than the formation of the American College of Cardiology and the International Society & Federation of Cardiology (ISFC). With 25 branches across India, CSI has membership strength more than 4000 cardiologists. The CSI of India is also a member of the International Society & federation of Cardiology and Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology and also SAARC society of Cardiology and jointly working with European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and American College of Cardiology (ACC). To know more visit official website of CSI
Moving Tata Motors - One Heart at a Time.
Everyone knows Tata Motors as India's largest automobile company. But whats more remarkable about this organization is its employee-centric multiple health initiatives. In one such recently organized initiative by department of health services at Tata Motors, renowned cardiologist from Pune, Dr.MS Hiremath conducted a health education program for its employees. In a talk titled as "Total Heart Care", Dr. Hiremath created awareness and educated employees on cardiac risk factors & lifestyle remedies. In his usual fluent and easy to understand style, Dr.MS Hiremath simplified a plethora of common cardiac risk factors and various lifestyle remedies available to deal with them effectively. More than 100 employees at Tata Motors, Pune who have some kind of cardiac ailment attended the program. The program was a grand success as many employees expressed a deep satisfaction about contents of the talk and the way Dr.Hiremath made it easy for them to understand the nuances of this major problem which is assuming epidemic proportion in India due to changing lifestyle. Assistant General Manager, Dr.Arun Kale & his colleauges from Health Services department at Tata Motors organized this program in association with AIMS Hospital, Pune.
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