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Milind Pimprikar , Patient
Dr Shirish and Dr Rahoul, I had angioplasty thru you in April 2013(2stents). Since then I am regular in exercise. But since 2018, I started running and started enjoying it. I joined a runners group, to have a systematic cross training. Since 2018 me and my wife had run over 25 marathons (10k & 21k ) events. Dr Shirish and Dr Rahoul, On 13th May I turned 50 years and I attempted special feat. I ran 50kms in 6 hrs and 15 mts in Pune. After my angioplasty, during counselling, Dr Shirish has given me an example of A patient who has called him from Everest base camp. This has given me the confidence. ( I had well prepared for last 4 months specifically for running 50k)Thanks to you both.
Jun 27, 2019
After getting treatment to my father from Dr. Hiremath sir, they fill much better than they have complicated heart disease. It is rebirth of my father after getting treament from you sir. We all family members are very thankfull to you sir. all team members are very co operative i also thanks to them. All the things can not be explain in words. May god give more power and strength to you sir.
Feb 22, 2019
While we say doctor it seems to everyone like a profession but Dr Shirish Hiremath is passionate about it and gives personal attention to every single patient. If there is any problem he cures it with a smile on his face.
Jan 25, 2019
While we say a doctor it seems to everyone like a profession but Dr. Shirish Hiremath is passionate about it and gives personal attention to every single patient. No matter what the problem is he cures it with a smile on his face
Jan 25, 2019
Meeting doctor M S HIREMATH was like half the battle won. He being the senior most cardiologist in India and no1 cardiologist in Pune speaking to him made me feel i am going to be fine very soon. He explains to you with a smile and doesn't leave any stone unturned. Which i feel show that how passionate he is about his work.
Jan 25, 2019
Sitting in an OPD with a patient is never a good sight but when i accompanied my mother to Doctor MS Hiremath' clinic i could see a very different scenario where few people sitting there seemed happy because they had come for a follow up after a success plasty or were there to take a second opinion from the most experienced cardiologist in Pune ..the experience showed even with the staff dealing with the patients and giving prompt reply and humbly answering queries which is very rare these days.
Jan 25, 2019
A worthwhile experience with a very humble and honest doctor M S HIREMATH
Jan 25, 2019
A super genius and compassionate cardiologist
Jan 16, 2019
25 years ago you entered my heart and sat at aortic position clicking all the time sometimes chirping kirping but making me smiling and happy . Thank you Dr Please convey my thanks regards wishesh to Dr. MSH, Dr. Sant, Dr. Nivergi and your team. thanks again.
Dec 5, 2018
Sachin Wakchaure
Very Good hospital to visit.
Aug 22, 2018
Good & prompt services. 100percent quality...
Jul 11, 2018
Nitin , Patient Relative
Just wanted to share this picture of my grandma who started to walk outside home today - she is recovering well and is very happy that she does not have the chest pain or heavy breathing anymore. Wishing you a nice day, Nitin
Jun 4, 2018
Patient Testimonials | Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath | Shivaji Nagar, Pune
I was operated by Dr MS Hiremath for angioplasty. Had no problem for last ten years.
May 27, 2018
Dr. Padmanabh Keskar , Doctor
डॉ शिरीष हिरेमठ सर हे नाव बाकी जगासाठी ... आमच्यासाठी ते MSH सर किंवा बॉस ... ते आणि त्यांची टीम हा एक अफलातून संशोधनाचा विषय आहे !...तुम्ही दिवसातल्या कुठल्याही वेळेला त्यांच्याकडे क्रिटिकल हार्ट पेशंट पाठवा तो प्रोम्पटली हॅन्डल होऊन ट्रीट होतोच !.. इतर हॉस्पिटल ला तो पाठवला तर तो फर्स्ट हॅन्ड - houseman - रजिस्ट्रार किंवा on ड्युटी मेडिकल ऑफिसर कडून ट्रीट होईल नंतर कार्डिओलॉजिस्ट ला कॉल जाईल तोपर्यंत गोल्डन hour केव्हाच संपलेला असेल ... इथे MSH सरांपाशी कार्डिओलॉजिस्ट ची टीम असल्याने तुमचा कॉल गेल्याबरोबर टीम ला ग्रुप वर अलर्ट मिळतो आणि पेशंट हॉस्पिटल मध्ये पोहोचण्या आधी कार्डिओलॉजिस्ट आणि कित्येक वेळा सर स्वतः Cath लॅब मध्ये तयार असतात त्यामुळे वेळेमध्ये पेशंट Thrombolysed होतो किंवा बेटर option म्हणजे विंडो पिरियड मध्ये PAMI होते ...म्हणजे आपण केलेल्या धावपळीचा फायदा पेशंट ला पण होतो . माझे कित्येक पेशंट सरांनी आणि त्यांच्या टीम ने विंडो पिरियड मध्ये ट्रीट केले आहेत .. आता काल रात्रीचीच गोष्ट ...आमचा सरांबरोबर ' हृदयमित्र ' नावाचा ग्रुप आहे त्याच्या पुणे विभागाची E Square ला ' Sudden Cardiac Death ' आणि implanted Cardiac devices या विषयावर CME होती ...मस्त लेक्चर झाले ..सर जवळपास रात्री ११ -३० पर्यंत आमच्याबरोबर होते ..आणि आमच्या ग्रुप मधील एका डॉक्टर मित्राच्या भावाला रात्री हार्ट अटॅक ( MI ) आला ...सरांची टीम तयार च होती ...रात्री २ वाजता सरांनी PAMI केली ...आणि विंडो पिरियड मध्ये ट्रीटमेंट देऊन हार्ट function salvage केले ..जीव वाचवला ...Thank you सर अँड your टीम फॉर such timely great efforts ! एक आदर्श लीडर कसा असावा याचे मूर्तिमंत उदाहरण म्हणजे MSH सर ..त्यांचे co ordination -त्यांच्या कार्डिओलॉजिस्ट टीम बरोबर जितके असते तेवढेच co ordination -आम्हा पेशंट पाठवणाऱ्या डॉक्टर्स बरोबर पण असते ...त्यांना प्रॉपर ट्रीटमेंट मिळाली का नाही याचा बरोबर follow up ते ठेवत असतात ...so proud to be associated with MSH Sir ! डॉ पद्मनाभ केसकर
Apr 10, 2018
Sir, Thanks for your correct diagnosis and timely interventions. Your expertise helped me survive when I had worst chest pain of my life. Thanks again Sir.
Dec 29, 2017
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