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Helping Patients Heal Faster with New-Gen Drug-Eluting Stents - Pune Times Article

8 Mar 2016
In this article in the recent Pune Times article dated 5th March 2016, Dr Shirish MS Hiremath, Pune's leading Interventional Cardiologist and President Elect, CSI, talks about New-Generation Drug Eluting Stents (The Synergy Stent), which are an effective vehicle for minimising chances of re-narrowing of artery and enable faster healing in patients. First-generation DES are associated with delayed arterial healing and long term durable polymer exposure, which is a problem addressed by the newer Synergy Stent. Dr Hiremath added, “This next generation therapy is designed to improve patient outcomes and ultimately reduce health care costs associated with the treatment of coronary artery disease. Such innovations highlight the interventional cardiology com- munity’s continuous efforts to advance treat- ments that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease.”
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