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Here is the list of tests required before and during consultation for an Interventional Cardiologist:

Exercise Stress
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI)
Cardiac Computed Tomography
The tests so performed help the doctor in deciding upon the right course of action regards the treatment. The health of blood vessels and the heart or any structural defect becomes clear post the results.
When you exercise regularly, eat healthy, do not smoke or drink and keep a balanced lifestyle it leads to a healthy heart. Interventional cardiology techniques can help resolve the structural defects in your heart or cardiovascular issues if any. Non surgical catheter based procedures are applied by Interventional cardiologists to treat heart issues. If on your visit to the cardiologist you realise that the dietary and lifestyle changes are not enough they may refer you to this doctor.
Dr. Shirish Hiremath is specialized in interventional cardiology, is  one of the most sought after doctors in Heart disease management.
In order to decipher your heart condition, interventional cardiologists prescribe or perform various diagnostic and screening tests. To resolve structural and cardiovascular heart conditions in a patient, the interventional cardiologists perform several procedures. The doctor can adroitly manage emergency heart conditions such as heart attacks. You must consult the doctor at once if you are faced with a heart condition otherwise situation may deteriorate further.
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