Journey From MACE To HF

Cardiologist Dr MS Hiremath

Diabetes is a risk factor for the development of heart failure (HF). Undetected HF appears to be a significant health concern in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D), particularly those aged 60 years or above.
According to a cohort study in T2D patients, HF is the most common cardiovascular (CV) presentation peripheral arterial disease. Due to an increasing prevalence of comorbid T2D and HF, it is important to consider the CV safety and effects of anti-diabetic drugs. Dapagliflozin, a novel SGLT2-i has met its primary safety end point of non-inferiority of MACE with fewer MACE events. It also produced a statistically and clinically significant reduction in hospitalization for HF (hHF) or cardiovascular death as co-primary end point.
Dr. M. S. Hiremath, Cardiologist discusses the prevalence of HF in patients with diabetes, and the problems associated with its identification. He further focusses on the clinical evidence for the suggestive role of SGLT2-i in the prevention and treatment of early stages of HF. He also discusses the CV outcomes with Dapagliflozin from the DECLARE study.

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