Dr. Shirish Hiremath, Cardiology, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
Dr. Shirish Hiremath, Cardiology, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Dr. Shirish Hiremath

Director, Cath Lab Ruby Hall, Pune, President CSI 2017

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Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath
Director ,Cath Lab  Ruby Hall, Pune, India
President  CSI 2017
Program Chair, CSI conference 2016
Shirish(M.S) Hiremath fondly known as MSH, had a good academic track career. He did his MD from Sasoon and extensive Cardiology Training and DM from Lokmanya Hospital Sion, Mumbai. He returned to Pune with a flourish in 1982. He started by laying down a strong foundation of Cardiology in Joshi Hospital, Erandwane. Ruby Hall is where he commenced his cath lab work and is the Director of the Cath lab here for many years now. His close old time friend Dr Nitu Mandke visited Pune many times to perform Bypass surgeries and established Ruby Hall as the Centre for Difficult Heart Surgeries. 1987 onwards the Angioplasty boom took off with exceptional leadership from MSH. He has immense expertise in this field and is now among the top Angioplasters in the country. This culminated into Chairmanship of National Intervention Council (NIC 2005-06) MSH had innumerable invitations from different parts of the world to give Live Courses on Angioplasty. He thus put Ruby Hall and India on the world map. He received numerous awards like Gentleman of the Year, Son of the Soil and accolades from all over India and the world. President of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI in 2017) was perhaps the highlight of his advancing career. He has mentored many young Interventional Cardiologists from India and overseas thus enlightening young aspirants with his knowledge. He continues to be very much a Pune personality, presenting his work done at Ruby Hall in several National and international meetings. His achievement of rapid strides in the field of Cardiology is a matter of great pride for Pune and India as well.
I practice at 2 locations
Dr Shirish (M.S.) Hiremath Heart Care Clinic, 1126/B, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, 411016, Maharashtra, India
Director, Cath Lab, Pune at Ruby Hall Clinic
Ruby Hall Clinic 40, Sassoon Road, Sangamvadi, Pune
Contact No 9860844788
Dr. Shirish Hiremath
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After getting treatment to my father from Dr. Hiremath sir, they fill much better than they have complicated heart disease. It is rebirth of my father after getting treament from you sir. We all family members are very thankfull to you sir. all team members are very co operative i also thanks to them. All the things can not be explain in words. May god give more power and strength to you sir.


While we say doctor it seems to everyone like a profession but Dr Shirish Hiremath is passionate about it and gives personal attention to every single patient. If there is any problem he cures it with a smile on his face.


While we say a doctor it seems to everyone like a profession but Dr. Shirish Hiremath is passionate about it and gives personal attention to every single patient. No matter what the problem is he cures it with a smile on his face


Meeting doctor M S HIREMATH was like half the battle won. He being the senior most cardiologist in India and no1 cardiologist in Pune speaking to him made me feel i am going to be fine very soon. He explains to you with a smile and doesn't leave any stone unturned. Which i feel show that how passionate he is about his work.


Sitting in an OPD with a patient is never a good sight but when i accompanied my mother to Doctor MS Hiremath' clinic i could see a very different scenario where few people sitting there seemed happy because they had come for a follow up after a success plasty or were there to take a second opinion from the most experienced cardiologist in Pune ..the experience showed even with the staff dealing with the patients and giving prompt reply and humbly answering queries which is very rare these days.


A worthwhile experience with a very humble and honest doctor M S HIREMATH


A super genius and compassionate cardiologist


25 years ago you entered my heart and sat at aortic position clicking all the time sometimes chirping kirping but making me smiling and happy . Thank you Dr Please convey my thanks regards wishesh to Dr. MSH, Dr. Sant, Dr. Nivergi and your team. thanks again.


Very Good hospital to visit.

Sachin Wakchaure

Good & prompt services. 100percent quality...


Just wanted to share this picture of my grandma who started to walk outside home today - she is recovering well and is very happy that she does not have the chest pain or heavy breathing anymore. Wishing you a nice day, Nitin


I was operated by Dr MS Hiremath for angioplasty. Had no problem for last ten years.


Sir, Thanks for your correct diagnosis and timely interventions. Your expertise helped me survive when I had worst chest pain of my life. Thanks again Sir.

Languages known
English, Hindi and Marathi
Stentboost” Fluroscopic Enhancement – In left main coronary artery bifurcations. PCI: A Pictorial Essay (Abstract) Hiremath M.S, Grant P.K., Makhale C.N, Ghadage S.N, Shinde R.S, Sathe S.V, Hiremath J.S, Lakade S.M, DurairajM.
Indian Heart Journal December 3 rd - 6 th & 2009 Article No.226
Dr. Shirish Hiremath
Real World Experience of Very Long. 33 MM And 38MM Drug Eluting Stent. (Abstract) Grant P.K, Makhale C.N, Hiremath M.S. ,Gadage S.N, Shinde R.S, Sathe S.V, Hiremath J.S, Lakade S.M, DurairajM.
Indian Heart Journal December 3 rd - 6 th & 2009 Article No.200.
Dr. Shirish Hiremath
Intracoronary Junk Retrieval- A Single Center Experience. (Abstract)Makhale C.N, Grant P.K, Hiremath M.S, Gadage S.N, Shinde R.S. Sathe S.V, Hiremath J.S, Duggal J.S, Durairaj M
Indian Heart Journal December 3 rd - 6 th & 2009 Article No.199.
Dr. Shirish Hiremath
Endovascular Treatment of Native Coarctation of Aorta in Children and Adults: A Single Center Experience (Abstract)CN Makhale, RS Shinde, MS Hirermath, PKGrant, JS Hiremath, SV Sathe, SI Agarwal, SM Lakade, SN Gadage, M Durairaj.
Indian Heart Journal Sept-Oct & 2008; 60:(5) Article No. 3
Dr. Shirish Hiremath
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Cardiological Society of India
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Cardiovascular Society of India
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